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Michael Lombardi - President

Michael is a third generation Florida builder/general contractor and brings two distinct perspectives to every project at LM Development Group: his family's hands-on experience as well as formal training at Colorado State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management.  Michael began working in the field as a laborer in his teens and worked outside the family company to gain authentic work experience. His field knowledge as a respected superintendent and project manager is reflected in his practical, achievable and commonsensical decisions toward the progress of each project. A co-founder of LM Development Group, Michael's roles as rainmaker and essential project advisor have led to steady increases in annual completed construction volume totaling over 70 million dollars in volume to date.

Barney Lombardi - Chief Operating Officer

A Florida certified General Contractor since 1969, Barney has formidable experience in design, construction, and the construction trades. After spending his several years as an ironworker and superintendent, he turned to running his own successful business from 1970 to 1994, completing a construction volume in excess of 100 million dollars. Barney joined LM Development Group in 1998 as Chief Operating Officer.  He lends every project his broad construction experience and the pragmatism of a businessman.

Brian Matz- Vice President

Educated at the University of Florida, Brian enjoyed a celebrated career as an account executive for Florida Builder Appliances, a major kitchen appliance supplier to hundreds of high-end residential and commercial builders. In 1998, Brian chose to partner with Michael Lombardi as a co-founder of LM Development Group, providing supply side expertise and a conservative financial management approach.